A Dream That Came True

The back story that set everything in motion: I have always loved the water. I grew up boating with the family and we eventually moved to a home on a small lake. I always dreamed of being near the ocean and putting my feet on a sand beach. Little did I know that so many…

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Another One?

Another One? In May of 2016 I thought I was having another heart attack. Well…no, more like a ticking time bomb…(to be continued….)

© 2018 - St. Louis Showcase - Bo Bickley

A 2×4 from God

A 2×4 from God That’s what my son told me when he found out that I had a heart attack. “You haven’t been paying attention to the signs. You haven’t been listening, so he got out his 2×4 and broad-sided your head. Does he have your attention now?” he tells me on the phone. Every…