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St. Louis Showcase provides superior Real Estate photography services in St. Louis, St. Charles and surrounding counties in Missouri. St. Louis Showcase specializes exclusively in Residential Realestate, Architectural, and Interior Design photography services.
Our Sarasota location is opening soon. Call or text us for more details.
We are honored that you have made the choice to visit our site, We know you have many options available to fulfill your photography needs. If you have any questions please let us know.
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Bo Bickley & Kaylee DiCicco

Let’s get real honest for a minute.

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Are your photos for your listings making a great first impression or do they look like they just woke up dressed in curlers wearing a robe? Remember it only takes seconds to form that first impression. That first impression carries over to your listing presentations too. Did your last few listings get taken with your cell phone because you knew it was going to sell anyway? When the market shifts what is your portfolio going to look like? Will it be enough for you to secure that listing?

If your marketing material features average photos then your listing appears average. If your photos are worse than average then you are really doing your clients a disservice by listing their home. Sorry for being frank, but seriously, just ask your peers.

The Proof? How many times when you are looking for a property for your buyers do you pass by listings with, quite frankly, “crappy” pictures? Guess what? The same is happening with your listings. They’re being overlooked for others that are perceived to be better, whether they really are or not.

Stop being overlooked, start getting noticed now!

You run a business right? You are in business to make money right? How is the way you run your business attracting new clients? Are you putting your best foot forward or is it always behind you? If you’re going to market a property with a half-baked approach, will that attract referrals and help grow your business? We help you look awesome! Sellers love our work! Sellers will love you, and tell others what a wonderful job you did. This is exactly how you grow your business – getting referrals and building your SOI/COI. Are your current methods working? Are you getting the results you want from the money you’re spending? Are you struggling with keeping up with putting that listing out on all your social media outlets?

We provide the visual impact that gets your listings noticed! 100% of home buyers are scouring the internet on their phones, tablets, and computers. They’re using social media to look for homes they want to see. Are you on the “A” list or reduced to the”B” list. It’s your business and we’re here to help you grow and be more successful.

What do we do?

We photograph the requested property in it’s entirety in high resolution state of the art digital format. Those images are most often returned before 12:00 midnight the day of the shoot. Our goal is always to return them sooner! However sometimes life does get in the way. If it does you will still have your photos by the next morning.

We provide a complete set of high resolution images FREE with every order. The high resolution images are perfect for your high end brochures printed in or out of house.

Our optional ‘iTourHD’ full-screen slide show and social media kit allows you to and promote your listings through all of your social media channels and outlets. It is something you have to see to truly understand it’s impact. WE LOVE big monitors, the bigger the better!! It’s honestly the closest thing to being there. Our ‘iTourHD’ slide show also works perfectly with iPads, iPhones and Androids too!

Drones / Aerial Photos and Video?

Sure do! We’ve even custom build them! We’re fully licensed by the FAA and insured too. The FAA has strict rules and regulations for commercial drone flights. Although there are those who will just pull one out of their trunk and fly it on the spot, we won’t. Currently, a flight plan has to be submitted and you need to know what class airspace you will be operating in… etc, etc, etc. If you are interested just give us a call and we can discuss your individual needs and determine a price based on those needs. Please check out our portfolio section to see examples of some aerial photos we’ve done.

Where do we go?

Residential sessions:

We cover St. Charles, St. Louis, and surrounding counties in Missouri. Outlying areas such as Wright City, Barnhart, Washington, New Haven, Festus, Pevely, and areas even further, have an extended distance fee starting at $25.00 (Off-Peak). If you’re not sure – please call and ask.

The Sarasota Florida area is opening soon. Contact us for more details.

Commercial sessions:

We go where ever we are needed based on the clients’ requirements. Travel and expenses are included in our quote for the client.

When do we work?

Residential sessions are photographed weekdays between 9am and 5pm. The weather is always a factor here in St. Louis and there are times it lets you know it’s not going to cooperate. We do everything possible to turn those weather surprises to our advantage.

Commercial sessions are scheduled according to each clients’ requirements.

Why do we do it?

The answer is simple. We love what we do! It’s a real joy to be part of helping people write a new chapter in their lives, moving them one step closer to reaching their dreams. We can also provide professional portraits or “Head Shots”, group and team photos, and other types of photography. If you have a specific need for yourself, your team, your branding, or family we would be happy to see if we can help.

We are very passionate about our craft, and believe it shows in our results.