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Who is St. Louis Showcase / Who am I?

St. Louis Showcase remains one of the top Real Estate photography services in the St. Louis area, specializing in Residential Real Estate and Architectural photography created and captured by Bo Bickley (me).

I first launched St. Louis Showcase in 2001, 17 years ago. At the time sellers were afraid of putting their home on the internet because they didn’t want strangers seeing all their “stuff”. My digital camera was a Sony Mavica that was 1.3 MP and had a floppy disk drive! Wow how things have changed since then!

I pioneered my signature “wide-angle” look that over the years many have tried to duplicate. With over 16,000 properties photographed, well over 2 million photos captured, I believe my work speaks for itself. I provide the visual “sizzle” that sets the foundation for your real estate visual marketing campaign and quite frankly your entire real estate brand. My service gets you results!

I love what I do. I have met so many amazing, unique, and interesting people over the years. I have earned the trust of countless homeowners who have allowed me into their homes. I’ve been the new best friend of so many dogs and cats. I have also been on the lunch menu of some extra protective dogs. I have been blessed with some incredible conversations with the very young and very old alike. Often there’s a high level of stress of “getting my home ready”  the precedes my arrival and I see it fall away as the shoot progresses to completion. It’s probably the most stressful single event a homeowner will go through that isn’t a life altering ‘personal’ event.

I get asked quite often if I shoot weddings or portraits. My answer is always the same. No, this is my speciality, homes don’t generally have bad hair days, bad moods, feel bloated, and they stand perfectly still for me and don’t blink.

I encourage you to visit my portfolio area. You may also take a look at any of the properties currently showcased with my free iTour and decide for yourself. I pride myself in superior quality in every shot possible.

No Exceptions – No Excuses.