Who is St. Louis Showcase?

St. Louis Showcase remains one of the top Real Estate photography services in the St. Louis area, specializing in Residential Real Estate and Architectural photography.

Bo Bickley first launched St. Louis Showcase in 2001. At the time sellers were afraid of putting their homes on the internet because they didn’t want strangers seeing all their “stuff”. His first digital camera was a Sony Mavica that was 1.3 MP and had a floppy disk drive! He was the first in the St. Louis area to use Canon’s first full-frame digital camera for real estate photography. Looking back, wow how things have changed so much since then!

Bo pioneered his signature “wide-angle” look that over the years many have worked hard to duplicate. With over 20,000 properties photographed, well over 3 million photos captured, He believes the work of St. Louis Showcase speaks for itself. We provide the visual “sizzle” that sets the foundation for your real estate visual marketing campaigns and quite frankly your entire real estate brand. Our services get you results!


About Bo Bickley:

My name is Bo Bickley. I have always had photography in my life. As a kid growing up my Dad was always taking photos and shooting super 8 movies. He gave my brother and me a brownie camera to start learning with. I have no idea how many rolls of film we went through or even how many really turned out, but we had fun! I was the yearbook photographer for my high school during my junior year and became very good at candid shots. I’ll never forget the days of film when you had to wait to see the results. I spent many years selling in the electronic components industry. I became bored and unmotivated wanting to do something more creative. in 2000 I was presented with an opportunity to start what is now St. Louis Showcase. I jumped at the chance and I embarked on a new adventure. Back then I never would have thought I’d still be doing it this long. Truth is, I love what I do. I have met so many amazing, unique, and interesting people over the years. I have earned the trust of countless homeowners who have allowed me into their homes. I’ve been the new best friend of so many dogs and cats. I have also been on the lunch menu of some extra protective dogs. I have been blessed with some incredible conversations with the very young and very old alike. Often there’s a high level of stress of “getting my home ready”  the precedes my arrival and I see it fall away as the shoot progresses to completion. It’s probably the most stressful single event a homeowner will go through that isn’t a life-altering ‘personal’ event. I have been blessed with an amazing career with wonderful and loyal clients who are the best in the business. I am married to my lovely and talented wife Jenn who is a very successful Master Hair Stylist. We have an ornery but very loving rescue dog named Buster. In June of 2021, we moved to Sarasota Florida to fulfill a longtime dream and start a new chapter in our lives. I am planning on continuing in real estate photography and Jenn is bringing her expertise as a Master Stylist to a rapidly growing beautiful area. When we’re not working on our careers you can find us seeking out new beaches, enjoying the ocean views, discovering live music, and enjoying our time together doing whatever.


About Kaylee DiCicco:

My name is Kaylee DiCicco. I am a passionate photographer born and raised in Missouri currently residing in St.Peters Mo. I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I started my own photography business (Kaylee Elizabeth Photography) in 2013. I love shooting weddings, engagements, families, headshots, and more! Real Estate, Architecture, and Interior Design photography is something I have wanted to learn and perfect for a long time. When Bo approached me with the idea of taking over the St. Louis market I immediately said yes. After several weeks of training by Bo, I am super excited to take over as the lead photographer for him in the St. Louis area. I will continue to provide the beautiful residential and commercial photos that St. Louis Showcase is known for.

I am married to my high school sweetheart Justin. We got married on the beach in 2018 in Garden City, South Carolina. He is my best friend and my biggest supporter. Though we don’t have any human children, we do have three fur babies (two cats and a dog) that we adore and are completely obsessed with. When I am not behind the camera you can find me eating tacos, watching baseball, volunteering in the community, traveling, dancing in the rain, planning ocean adventures or going to Disney, cruising the aisles of Hobby Lobby, watching The Ellen Show, or just spending time with family and friends.