This is where I will be adding ‘things’ or posts. I think sometimes it’s nice to have an outlet or provide some insight into things going on behind the scenes. And even an occasional update to my ‘personal time’ photos that will appear above – sometime soon.

A Dream That Came True

The back story that set everything in motion: I have always loved the water. I grew up boating with the family and we eventually moved to a home on a small lake. I always dreamed of being near the ocean and putting my feet on a sand beach. Little did I know that so many…

Another One?

Another One? In May of 2016 I thought I was having another heart attack. Well…no, more like a ticking time bomb…(to be continued….)

A 2×4 from God

A 2×4 from God That’s what my son told me when he found out that I had a heart attack. “You haven’t been paying attention to the signs. You haven’t been listening, so he got out his 2×4 and broad-sided your head. Does he have your attention now?” he tells me on the phone. Every…